While we are in preview mode, it is best to use Fire fox or Google
Chrome to operate the diagram software. We are anxious to get
feedback from you, so we can finalize the details. Thanks for testing out
Guitar Modder!!

Register and log in, then click “Create Diagram”

Click on the “Edit Full-Screen” tab

Click on the page again and the menu will pop up with a list of components. Select your component. Here youll be able to name your component and select additionl options for that component.

Once you have your components on the page, you can begin to wire by clicking on the terminals of each component and dragging the “Smart” wire to the terminal of the component you want to connect.

The wires have options of, color, size and routing style.

As you create your drawing, you can move components and arrange them to fit how you would like. This will help keep the wires organized and create a easy to understand drawing.

You can name your diagram by double clicking on the title, as well as the description.