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Strat with UGB,Blaster,FX loop and FX loop blend pot

Strat with UGB,Blaster,FX loop and FX loop blend pot

Strat with FX Loop and Preamp On/Off Switch and Gain pot

Here’s a diagram showing a strat with the FX loop and Jangletone preamp on/off switch. The ground wires are not shown.

The hookup wires for the Preamp Gain pot are not shown, the harness come prewired to the board. The White Input to the Preamp wire should be kept as short as possible.

Phoenix Stereo

Two pickup stereo guitar. With 3 way pickup selector,Master Polarity switch, Stereo/Mono switch, Ring/Tip Switch, Active/Passive Switch, Volume and tone for each pickup, 2 channel preamp, 9v battery.

Fralin P92’s FX loop and Tone Switch

This diagram shows  a two pickup guitar with FX loop. It features a pre-loop volume as well as a master volume, and a tone control with selectable capacitors.

Three Pickups and Two Preamps

This diagram shows a three pickup guitar with volumes and tones for each pickups, pre loop. There is a Master volume after the loop. Also a op amp Unity Gain Buffer before the loop as well as a FET booster after the loop, both with on/off switches.

CB-1 With Active Passive Switch and Lollar Imperial

Here’s a look at how to hook up a CB – 1 Preamp, with an active and passive switch and Effects loop bypass. Notice the 25K/500K custom volume pot. This keeps the proper loading for both the active and passive circuits. This allows you to play active or passive, with or without the effects loop bypassed.  Heres a link to CAE  Sounds website where you can purchase a variety of preamps like the CB-1. http://caesound.com/welcome.htm. Also a link to Jason Lollars Pickups.http://www.lollarguitars.com/mm5/merchant.mvc